Fairfax County Debtor Defense Lawyer

Harassed by Debt Collectors? Victim of Consumer Fraud?

Even though you owe money, there are laws to protect you from abusive or deceptive creditors. There are also legal avenues for compensation if you were the victim of a shady auto dealer or other business.

The law firm of Jonathan Y. Short, P.C., in Alexandria provides debtor defense services and consumer legal advocacy. I have practiced in northern Virginia for 25 years and I will personally handle your case. Talk directly with an experienced attorney at703-465-5505.

Debtor Defense and Negotiation

I represent people who are contacted directly by creditors (credit card companies, national retail chains, local businesses) or contacted by aggressive third-party debt collectors.

  • I will negotiate your debt and repayment terms.
  • I will dispute a debt if you believe you do not owe.
  • I will get creditors off your back.

Under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (and laws of Virginia), creditors and collection agencies must adhere to specific rules. They can’t call early in the morning or late at night. They can’t threaten you. They can’t harass your family members or bother you at work. And there are many more “cant’s.” Creditors are subject to monetary damages for each violation.

Please note: My firm is not a credit counseling agency. I do not do debt consolidations. And I do not practice bankruptcy law. I will stop illegal harassment and arrange to settle your debts for less than you owe.

Consumer Law

I will enforce your rights, including pursuit of monetary damages, if you were scammed by a Virginia business:

  • Lemon law — You have a right to replacement, refund or repairs of a defective new car (does not apply to used cars).
  • Warranties on products or services — They can’t refuse to honor a warranty after the fact.
  • Contractor fraud — Did a builder, remodeler or roofing or siding contractor fail to finish the job, substitute inferior materials or do terrible work?
  • Car dealerships — Were you charged hidden fees or charged a higher interest rate after the deal?
  • Body shop/auto repair — Did an unscrupulous shop overcharge for repairs, replace unnecessary parts or charge you hundreds but fail to fix the problem?

Contact me today to learn more about your rights and my experience in debtor defense and consumer fraud litigation. I practice in Alexandria and in Arlington, Prince William, Fairfax County and Loudoun counties.

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