Shoplifting Defense Lawyer in Virginia

Shoplifting (retail theft) and petty theft are the kinds of crimes that are often committed on an impulse in a moment of weakness, but they can have long-term consequences. Whether you took something from a store or have been wrongfully accused, you are making the right choice by seeking a lawyer.

Too many adults and juveniles simply plead guilty to these kinds of charges without realizing just how harsh the penalties can be. I am Jonathan Y. Short, an experienced shoplifting defense attorney serving Alexandria and Arlington, and I am ready to meet with you and talk about your options. I have handled these cases for more than 25 years, succeeding in having the charges dismissed in many instances and the penalties reduced in others. I can give you a realistic assessment of your case and take action that protects you as much as possible.

Understanding the First Offender’s Program for Shoplifting

If you have no criminal record, the first-time offender’s program may be the best option. This program requires community service and some other steps, and it leads to the dismissal of the charges. However, it does leave you with an arrest record that cannot be expunged.

That is why, as an experienced Washington, D.C., attorney, I search for opportunities to have the case dismissed outright whenever possible. There are valid defenses in many shoplifting and petty theft cases. Also, witnesses from stores frequently do not show up in court. It may turn out that the first offender program is your best option, but I will not steer you in that direction if I believe there are viable defenses that could better protect your rights.

Preventing Disruptions in Your Life

Though shoplifting and other petty crimes can seem minor, a conviction can have major effects on your life. There are immediate consequences, like community service, and potential long-term consequences, like difficulty obtaining a security clearance, which many people need for the jobs in the Washington, D.C., area. If you choose me as your lawyer, I will work diligently to prevent your life from being disrupted by one poor, impulsive choice.

Contact an Arlington Petty Theft Defense Attorney

If you or your child is accused of shoplifting, petty theft or any other theft crime in Arlington or Washington, D.C., reach out to me for help. You can schedule a consultation by calling 703-465-5505 or toll free 703-582-8583. You can also email my law firm.

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