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Experienced Misdemeanor Defense in Northern Virginia

A common mistake of people charged with petty theft or other misdemeanors is to walk into court and admit, “I did it.” Even if the judge is lenient (no guarantee), it may be unwise or unnecessary to plead guilty. Let’s see if they can prove their case first!

Call the law firm of Jonathan Y. Short, P.C., in Alexandria first. If I can’t help you get a better deal, I will tell you so. But in most cases, I can provide sound and experienced advice and advocacy that may reduce the penalties or even avoid a criminal record completely. You owe it to yourself to get the facts. Call for an initial consultation.

Petty Crimes (Misdemeanors)

A petty offense is any charge that could result in a jail sentence (up to a maximum of 12 months for a Class 1 misdemeanor). I have defended people throughout northern Virginia on every type of misdemeanor:

Why You Want a Lawyer for This

  • If you are convicted of a misdemeanor crime, the criminal record can affect your current employment, future job prospects, college entrance or student loans.
  • If you are arrested for another crime in the future (petty offense or felony), that misdemeanor conviction may increase the penalties.

I will work to avoid a misdemeanor conviction if possible, by getting charges dismissed or reduced. I am familiar with alternatives to limit the penalties, such as first offender sentencing or diversion programs that keep this misdemeanor off your record if you stay out of trouble for a year.

Contact my Alexandria law firm before talking to police or making deals with the prosecutor. You can reach me 24/7 at 703-465-5505 for a free initial consultation. I practice in courts of Arlington County, Prince William County, Loudoun County and the cities of Alexandria and Falls Church.

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