Fairfax County Contract Review Attorney

Even the smallest mistake or flaw in any type of contract can cost you significantly. That is why it is important to have somebody with a strong eye for details review every aspect of your agreement. I am Jonathan Y. Short, a contract review lawyer, and I have been providing dedicated legal services to clients throughout northern Virginia for more than 25 years. I will thoroughly review all aspects of your agreement to ensure that you are getting what you bargained for.

An Eagle Eyed Review of All Types of Contracts

As a Virginia business lawyer, I can review all types of contracts and business agreements, including:

  • Small-business contracts
  • Employment contracts
  • Property settlements
  • Prenuptial agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Non-compete agreements

Contracts tend to be strictly construed by courts, so it is important that you receive everything that you are bargaining for. My colleagues send clients to my Alexandria law office when they need someone to review contracts. My reputation is one borne of experience, and I have successfully saved clients thousands of dollars after discovering tiny flaws in their business agreements. With so much at stake, having a trained set of eyes look over your contract can save you headaches further down the line.

Call for a Consultation With an Alexandria Property Settlement Lawyer

Whether you are involved in a real estate deal or are entering into a business agreement, you should ensure that you are protected by having someone with experience review your contract. Contact me, a contract review attorney, online

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